BATI is specialized in 3PL full-services. Our collaboration, technology and locations meet the expectations of our customers. The task of managing warehousing capacity, inventory cycles, and final distribution becomes an opportunity to maximize efficiencies. Effective distribution and logistics operations are handled by BATI’s warehousing services. BATI provides a successful slotting plan to meet inventory rotation requirements, such as FIFO (First In First Out) and LIFO (Last In First Out). Inventory balances and back-order status are stored and monitored by BATI and a real time ability to track inventories, trace orders, and check location of products in the warehouse, review transactions and status of final delivery.

BATI provides retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and global integrators / forwarders with packages covering all aspects of the logistics chain. Our professional involvement allows you to concentrate on your core business-manufacturing, marketing and selling of your products. We understand ourselves as the part of your logistics, respectively as your logistics department. Logistics at BATI gives you such promised benefits as total reduced costs, accelerated cycle times and reduced inventory costs within a reasonable reliable time-frame.

BATI Bonded and Free warehouses are in service in 5 different locations in Turkey

• ISTANBUL AMBARLI located 3000 sqm Custom Bonded warehouse for LCL loadings, food stuff and general cargo.
• ISTANBUL GEBZE located 1000 sqm Free warehouse for Flexitank fitting and flexitank storage
• IZMIR located 2000 sqm Free warehouse for Flexitank fitting and flexitank storage
• MERSIN located 2500 sqm Custom Bonded warehouse for food stuff and general cargo.
• MERSIN located 1500 sqm Free warehouse for construction materials and general cargo.