BATI is specialized in Pharma Logistics and reverse logistics to the pharmaceutical industry. Our collaboration, technology and Strategic partnerships for inventory solutions meet the pharma customers return services. Over 25 years of industry experience, inventory cycles  and final distribution becomes a coverage on domestic and international services. BATI also has international network of qualified logistics partners in pharma logistics industry. Effective distribution and logistics operations are handled by BATI’s warehousing services. BATI provides a successful slotting plan to meet inventory rotation requirements. Inventory balances and back-order status are stored and monitored by BATI and a real time ability to track inventories, trace orders, and check location of products in the warehouse, review transactions and status of final delivery.

BATI offers his customers professional handling and tailor made pharma logistics solutions in order to meet the specific requirements of temperature-sensitive and time-critical goods as well. With the logistics network and local distributions BATI give full support on the highly complex healthcare supply chain and delivery of raw materials into the manufacturing process to delivery of finished drugs and equipment to in-market distributors, universities and  pharmacies.


  • Temperature-controlled warehousing and transportation
  • Safe Transit and Delivery
  • Cold chain products
  • GPS tracked, remote temperature monitoring and operating services
  • Sophisticated and complex needs of the healthcare sector
  • Storage and shipping of prescription drugs, medicines
  • Order picking of different types of products and delivery to customers


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