BATIRACK New Generation Auto Logistics
Containerization of Worldwide Vehicle Transportation
This system has been designed to meet manufacturer's demand for exterior vehicle loading. In addition to increased vehicle safety, decreased loading time, and added quality, the vehicles can be prestaged on cassettes and loaded upon container availability. Cassettes can be loaded or unloaded when the container is grounded, on a chassis, or at a loading dock. The portable ramp system is completely modular in design and was introduced to the containerized vehicle shipping industry. Reducing transportation costs for low-volume, high-cost shipping routes.
Loading of 4 units into a 40’ft Cntr
Multi purpose hook for Lashing
The hook arranged the whole area on the chassis enable to lash any type of vehicle of automobile manufacturers.
Dropping tire into the tire anchor
Prevent any back & forth and horizontal movement
Lashing the tire
Prevent any back & forth movement of vehicle
Lashing car body
Prevent any movement of vehicle by shock